Introducing Advomate: humanity's helping hand

Helping others has never been easier and more rewarding!  With the Advomate mobile app, everyday people will gain unprecedented access to the amazing charity and volunteer initiatives happening in their area.  It will also give charitable organizations of all types a direct pipeline to the resources they need to fulfill their missions.  Want to organize a neighborhood food drive?  Interested in volunteering at the local soup kitchen?  How about earning some discounted movie tickets for your efforts?  It will all be possible with Advomate!  #techforgood

Scheduled for full release in the Tampa Bay market during summer 2018! 


Any type of initiative goes.

Think United Way meets Uber.  Advomate connects people and organizations seeking help with those willing to provide it - no matter what your mission is.



See what's happening.

We've leveraged Google Maps API to give users a real-time glimpse into the local initiatives that mean the most to them - making it easier than ever to lend a helping hand.


Stay engaged.

Advomate's social networking features will allow you to stay connected with helpful buddies, while gamification & rewards make things even more fun.

Make a difference in your community - and get rewarded.


We're currently looking for more users in the Tampa Bay area for Phase 3 of beta testing, which is slated to begin in April 2018.  Please enter your email below if you're interested!


Questions?  Email us at rich@advomate.com


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